Forest Survivors is the first movie of the Forest Survivors franchise.

Story Edit

Liam Challer wakes up in the middle of the Canadian forest. At first, he has no clue how he appeared there. He gets a


The theatrical release poster for Forest Survivors, with Liam, Ivor, Kate, Liam's pistol, a granola bar, the bird Liam catches and eats, and the mining tool.

transmission from NORAD reminding him he was in a supply plane crash. Liam realizes he is stranded.

He then finds the supply area from the plane, that Ivor Richard has turned into a fort. Liam climbs inside and finds a supply crate containing some supplies. Liam sleeps the first night.

Ivor comes back and realizes someone has been to his camp. Liam comes back and the two quarrel for a while before deciding to work together. After a while, the two meet Kate Jones and the adventures continue from there.

Characters Edit

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