Kristoff John is the main antagonist in Forest Survivors.

Antagonism Edit

Kristoff John is the vice president of an unnamed Russian capitalist group, where he works under the authority of only

Still 3

Kristoff John in "Forest Survivors," robbing Liam's camp.

Viktor Klov. He was the pilot of the supply plane that crashed in Forest Survivors, where he worked uncooperatively with Kate Jones, the copilot. It is unsure whether Kristoff intentionally crashed the plane, but most sources say no, as he tries as hard as, if not harder than, Liam Challer, Ivor Richard, and Kate to get out of Canada.

Personality Edit

Kristoff is known as cunning, manipulative, and thieving. He steals Liam's mining tool, rope, and metal from his camp in Forest Survivors, then offers to work with Liam after Liam catches him, as Kristoff knows that the lumber barn Ivor and Kate are in is also an explosives storage facility.

Trivia Edit

  • Kristoff wasn't originally supposed to be in Forest Survivors, but they added him in.

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