Liam Challer is the main character of Forest Survivors.


Liam getting a transmission from NORAD in "Forest Survivors."

Personality Edit

Liam is a very caring person, as shown in all three movies. Liam genuinely cares about his friends, looking for them after they've been gone for an extended amount of time, and trying to rescue Ivor Richard from the tornado in Forest Survivors.

He is also known to be incredibly resourceful, using only a bin, rope, and a metal pole to create an animal trap and rubbing two sticks together nonstop to create a fire.

On the other hand, however, Liam can be incredibly aggressive at times, especially when fighting people like Kristoff John or Viktor Klov. Luckily, he can usually easily forgive them, like when he refuses to board the helicopter in the first


Liam and Ivor sharing a high-five after being reunited in "Forest Survivors."

movie before rescuing Kristoff. His name was originally going to be Anus ButtPooPants, but was later changed for potty talk reasons! :P

Trivia Edit

  • "Liam" is the real name of the actor who portrays Liam in the movies.